Good Morning Vietnam!


Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), where everything defies the lessons I learned growing up in Canada. Our senses were overwhelmed from the moment we landed, as there seems to be some unwritten rules pulsating through the city that create organized chaos. The onslaught of cars, bikes, smells, and sounds at every turn is indescribable. Check out the video I posted with this article to see what I mean. Every time we had to cross the road, I would start having some sort of anxiety attack.

If you’re looking for cheap living, this is the place for you. Uber rides won’t cost more than $3 Canadian, a really nice beach apartment is only $500 per month, beer costs 60 cents, and eating out may only cost $2. The people are incredibly friendly, the weather is fantastic, and you’ll find many Australians, Russians, and Canadians everywhere you go.

We took a $20 flight to Nahn Trang and spent ten days there. It’s an excellent spot if you enjoy a resort feel, and we’d definitely come back. If you’re thinking of going, let us know, and we might join you!

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