Good Morning Vietnam!


This ain’t Kansas Dorthy!  We landed in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) where we had our senses totally raddled.  This city defiles everything I was ever taught growing up in Canada.  There seems to be some kind of unwritten rules pulsing through the city.  Organized Chaos doesn’t begin to describe the attack of cars, bikes, smells and sounds that shower you on every turn. Take a look at the video I posted with this article. Every time we had to cross the road I would start getting some kind of anxiety attack.

If cheap living is what your looking for this is the place for you.  Starting with Uber, you won’t pay more than $3 Canadian for any ride you take. A really nice apartment on the beach will only cost you $500 a month, a beer is 0.60 cents and eating out may cost $2.00. The people are super friendly the weather is amazing and there are a ton of Australia’s, Russian’s and Canadians everywhere you go.

We took a $20 flight to Nahn Trang where we spent 10 days.  This is a great spot if you like a resort kind of feel.  Nita and I would definitely come back.  If your think you would like to go let us know, we may join you.


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