Meet Racheal


Traveling throughout Kenya with some of the most amazing people I know has taught Nita and I so much. Kenya is a unique place

with kind loving people and I mean beautiful people. It’s funny, Kenyans think to be white, is to be glamorous, I look at them and see health and vibrance, they make me jealous.

With our team leader, Bonnie Sutherland a Rotarian and CEO of Afretech, Rotarians Sean and Carol Hogan, Rotarian Mark Knittel and Kenya’s number one go to guy, Wandeto Wamathai, we set off to install computers and libraries into remote schools around a little town called Nanyuki. I could write a book on each of our daily ventures but I really want to tell tell you about Racheal. After a 2.5 hour ride, sometimes without a road to a remote village, we came to a community of about 2000 Kenyans. This is where I say, you don’t know how blessed you are living in Canada, most of you wouldn’t last a week living here. The heat, lack of clean water, no food sources would even take reality tv Survivorman” Les Stroud to think twice. Let’s get back to Racheal, so, I asked the Principle how many student attend here? He said 250, that’s about 62 students a room! I asked, can any child come to school? He said, yes, but they need to purchase a uniform.I asked, are there a lot of kids that can’t afford a school uniform?He said, yes many.How much is a uniform?1000 schilling ($10.00 Canadian)I stated, I’ll buy a uniform.He replied by saying you are very generous sir. I have a girl here today that has to share her uniform with her sister so one comes one day and the other comes the next. The problem with this is they’re both missing a lot of information to complete the lessons. He suggested we get one for her.The Principle sent a teacher from the school to get a uniform. In the picture I attached to this post you can see our new friend Racheal, wearing her new uniform. I can’t believe that for the price of one beer back home, we were able to change the life of a family, even the Principle said you have really effected this family in a positive way. I said to Racheal that I have an expectation of her, it’s to try’s her best in school every day and to be help someone else succeed. I explained what it means to pay it forward. She in return promised me she’ll meet my expectation. I hope that all of you that enjoy the fruits of a prosperous country have the same experience that all of us on this great team had, trust me, you’ll really have a deeper understanding of, yourself, and the world.

Love from Kenya

Nita and Gary

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  1. Bonnie Steeves says:

    Love that message. Paying it forward has to be the best feeling of all! Rachel is a ray of sunshine.
    Gary and Nita
    What a great opportunity you have in doing this. All I can say is wow!

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