Meet Racheal


Nita and I have gained so much knowledge during our travels throughout Kenya with some incredible people. Kenya is an exceptional country filled with kind and beautiful people. It’s interesting to note that Kenyans believe being white is glamorous, yet we see health and vibrancy in their appearance which makes us envious.

Together with our team leader, Bonnie Sutherland, a Rotarian and CEO of Afretech, Rotarians Sean and Carol Hogan, Rotarian Mark Knittel, and Wandeto Wamathai, the number one go-to person in Kenya, we embarked on a mission to install computers and libraries in remote schools near Nanyuki. Each day was filled with amazing experiences, but one of them stood out.

After a 2.5 hour ride, sometimes without a road, we arrived at a remote village where 2000 Kenyans lived. It’s hard to imagine living in such conditions with scorching heat, lack of clean water, and limited food sources. The principal of the school we visited informed us that 250 students attend the school, with an average of 62 students per room. When I asked if any child could come to school, the principal said yes, but they needed to purchase a uniform. Sadly, many children couldn’t afford a uniform, which cost 1000 schillings ($10 Canadian).

Without hesitation, I offered to buy a uniform, and the principal was grateful for my generosity. He then introduced us to a young girl named Racheal, who shared her uniform with her sister because they couldn’t afford another one. Consequently, they missed a lot of information to complete their lessons. The principal suggested that we purchase a uniform for Racheal, and we agreed.

In the attached picture, you can see Racheal, our new friend, wearing her new uniform. It’s unbelievable that for the price of one beer back home, we were able to change the life of a family. Even the principal said that we had positively affected the family. I made a promise to Racheal that I expected her to do her best in school every day and help someone else succeed. I explained to her the importance of paying it forward, and she promised to meet my expectations.

I hope that all of you who enjoy the fruits of a prosperous country have the same experience that we had. Trust me; it will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and the world.

Love from Kenya,  Nita and Gary

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  1. Bonnie Steeves says:

    Love that message. Paying it forward has to be the best feeling of all! Rachel is a ray of sunshine.
    Gary and Nita
    What a great opportunity you have in doing this. All I can say is wow!

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