Victoria is our Launching Pad

Salish RV Novemer 2017

Being homeless after selling our home has made us,  what some people call, “Vandwellers”.   Vandwellers are people living in RV parks, Walmarts and side streets in anything that has 4 wheels.  As you can see in this picture, our motorcoach found a pretty nice address,  Salish Seaside RV Park located in Victoria, BC’s waterfront.   Pad rental here is as much as most peoples mortgage but it is most certainly 5 stars.  We plan to live here until Nov. 20th, then we’ll store the coach and hit the road.  First stop Toronto, ON for a couple business meetings and then off to London.

For those of you that frequent Victoria or if you are planning a visit here is a list of must do’s.

FOR BEERS, Garrick’s Head Pub on Government Street.   Simply put, they are one of the oldest English pubs in Canada (1867) and maintain Victoria’s largest selection of craft and import beers on tap.

FOR BREAKFASTJam Café at 524 Herald Street.  You may have to get up early to enjoy this place.  The lineup to get in starts early every morning.  The lineups speak to how good this place is.

FOR LUNCH, El Furniture Warehouse Victoria, 533 Yates St.  Everything on the menu is 4.95 all day long.  Don’t let the prices fool you, the food and atmosphere are great!

HAPPY HOUR, Big Bad Johns, 919 Doulas Street.  This Hillbilly bar is one happy hour you won’t forget.  I don’t want to say anything about this place because I’d hate to spoil the experience.

FOR DINNER, Pagliacci’s 1011 Broad Street, This Italian restaurant also has lineups but is worth the wait.  Sorry, no reservations here just great food.

GHOST WALK’s have been creating spell-binding and frightening memories for visitors and locals alike. Explore Victoria’s haunted alleyways and gruesome past with a great storyteller guide

There you have it!  The perfect day in Victoria!  I know you’ll enjoy these spots, make sure you let me know if you like them.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. baergy says:

    Nice to see someone actually put their BIG dreams into action. It’s just so easy to do the easy parts. Congratulations on your decision and I wish you, Godspeed.


    1. ghollick says:

      Thanks Bill!


  2. Charlotte Herlong says:

    I love your plan…not to plan too much. Have fun, explore, visit and celebrate the fact that you are independent and free! Don’t forget to visit Rotary clubs along the way. There is an RV Fellowship.


    1. ghollick says:

      I’ve tried taking pictures of the coach but I can’t get anything that looks that great. I think a person needs to have a special camera lens.


  3. Slye says:

    So 1 more sleep then your off on a wonderful wanderlust journey enjoy 😊


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